> Jan Snoekx (1977) is an award-winning film director and artist.


Jan’s films have won numerous awards, most notably 1st prize @ the Sitges Film Festival and a selection for the Academy Awards.

As a painter, Jan is inspired by the process of computer graphics, the beauty of light and shade and incompleteness.

As an animator, VFX supervisor, producer and illustrator, he has worked for international film production companies and advertising agencies.

Aside from making art & films, Jan currently teaches Computational Arts & Experimental Imaging, Alternate Reality & 3D modeling & animation at Luca School Of Arts Genk & Erasmus University College Brussels, Belgium.


Director’s work


> Computer Simulation // Permanent Installation

Scientific simulation of Mosasaurus locomotion,

for the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - Brussels, Belgium National Museum of Natural History - Paris, France

Click here for the full version with audio.


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